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Send Anywhere Appears on Galaxy Apps!

Send Anywhere’s Main Banner Appears on Galaxy Apps! Send Anywhere started 2017 with a good news. We are pleased to let you know that Send Anywhere’s main banner has appeared on Galaxy Apps in Korea! Just a few weeks ago,… Continue Reading →

15 Cases Where Send Anywhere Might Not Help You

Send Anywhere Solves Many Problems….but not all There are certain times in which it might not be best to use Send Anywhere. Here are a few. During a bear attack. It’s a bear, why are you trying to send files? Run!… Continue Reading →

Printing in a School Library-Send Anywhere UC #8

Annoyance 101: School Library and Printing Anyone who has gone through higher education in the past decade understands what a pain it can be to print from your school’s library. Most schools still have not updated their system such that… Continue Reading →

Our Origins: The Case for Send Anywhere

As 2015 winds down and we spend time reflecting on the year, we thought it would be a good time to share how we view Send Anywhere and the void that we are trying to fill. After reading this, don’t… Continue Reading →

Come See Our New Office!

Our Office: Right in the Heart of Seoul Recently, we moved offices and wanted to share some photos from this momentous occasion with you. This was a huge move for us as it signaled a transition from our first home,… Continue Reading →

A New Beginning: The Next Chapter in Send Anywhere

A New Application for Changing Times The face of file sharing is evolving. No longer are people merely sending pictures back and forth between friends on similar devices or from their smartphone to their computer. They now want to send a batch… Continue Reading →

API Madness: Unleashing SA’s Power

The Emergence of the Send Anywhere API Very recently Send Anywhere released its API for public use (it can be found here). It consists of a Desktop SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Web Functionality, and a Web Widget thereby guaranteeing that you… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Ben Silberstein—Part Time Reporter, Full Time Student

Overview: Send Anywhere and Higher Education Name: Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein Profession: PhD Student Needs: easily transfer files between personal and school devices Pain Points: having to login to multiple devices, files spattered across various devices The Background: So Many Files, No Room… Continue Reading →

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