• How does Send Anywhere work?

Pairing two devices (send/receive) with temporary generated key confirmation, and transferring files instantly via optimal network path between two devices.

  • How can I send/receive files?
    • By 6-digit One Time Key
      1. Select files to send and hit the “Send” button, on your device for sending files.
      2. Get a 6-digit key and standby for receiving device to input the key.
      3. Transferring begins when the receiving device input the key.
    • By selecting devices to receive
      1. Select files to send and hit the “Send” button, on your device for sending files.
      2. Select receiving device on the list. Nearby devices or recent devices will appear on the list.
      3. Transferring begins instantly with the receiving device confirmation to receive files.

  • Is Send Anywhere secure?

We use SSL encryption - website https://send-anywhere.com and mobile apps. But keeping temporary 6-digit key away from other people you don’t want to share is important. You can get enhanced security key - number & alphabets mixed - from a change in app settings. If you are sending files directly using our app, it is completely secure because the files are never stored in any of our servers. It is transferred via peer-to-peer network connection between devices. If Send - Receive devices are in remote locations, or in a different network, sometimes p2p path fails. In this case, Send Anywhere finds the most effective node-server to pass-through between two devices. Files are just passed, without storing on the server. If you choose to upload, for later download use, this is just same as a conventional upload/download process. Maximum file storing time would be 48hrs, so please don’t worry about security.

  • Do I need a network connection for Send Anywhere to work?

Yes, you need a connection to the internet so that the Send Anywhere app can communicate with our servers. Send Anywhere uses whatever internet connection is available on your device, whether that is WiFi or cellular.

  • Does Send Anywhere use my phone’s data plan? Will I be charged?

Yes, if you are connected to the Internet via a cellular service, Send Anywhere will use your data plan. Your standard data plan rates will apply.

  • Does Send Anywhere require that Bluetooth be activated also?

Nope! Send Anywhere doesn’t use Bluetooth to work at all; all you need is an internet connection.

  • Is there a file size limit when not uploading to the server?

There is no limitation on file size(upload or not), but storage expiration time for uploaded files is limited to 24hrs(up to 48hrs from a change in app settings).

  • Does Send Anywhere file transfer use P2P connection?

When sending files directly, transferring path depends on the network connection between two devices.

    • If both two devices are in the same local network, it’s 100% p2p.
    • If 3G or 4G, LTE, it depends on distances, carrier network base stations, etc.

  • Music file issues with iOS devices.
    • Why can’t I select music files?
       - iOS doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to move your music files to other devices.
    • Can’t see the received music files in my music player!
       - Received music files won’t be available on your native music app. iOS doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to save music files on your Music library.(You can only do this via iTunes connection)
       - You can play a single music file received on your Send Anywhere app, by previewing it on your ‘Receive Box’ or ‘Etc’ folder. 

(You can still send/receive and play music files with Android devices!)